Writing top quality product description

As you know that e-commerce SEO shares a lot of similarities with the SEO strategies for generating websites, we have some more steps that will help you win the SEO e-commerce competition.It is the most difficult part of all. Some e-commerce websites do not have product descriptions or category descriptions, and they simply copy paste the same details from the manufacturer’s online website to the description box. If you give an ideal description to your products and categories, people get help and your increase the relevancy to the search queries, and it also get highly favored Google.


Keyword research

Keyword research plays a vital role in generating SEO projects. For the websites that are meant for e-commerce businesses, keyword research is more extensive and important as we research your main product list and each one from the product under the main category.The next step that we opt for is the long-tail keyword research that is essential for content development. The reason we perform this is that generally the short-tail keywords are the competitive ones and are highly sought-after by other websites. Generally, it is seen that people have budgets that are way bigger than you have.

E-commerce tracking with Google analytics

We have an optimization team that works day and night to set up e-commerce tracking on Google analytics to help you take a look at the products you sell, what are the traffic channels that deliver most sales, and where the potential customers drop off.

The page speed

The speed of the page in which the pages open and access have been an important aspect for the clients. This has become important for Google as well, and we make sure that no matter what, it operates effectively as it should.

Resolving the pagination problems

A major problem on the large e-commerce sites is efficiently dealing with pagination. The websites have the product categories that consist of thousands of products spanning many pages at a time. We have the best experts to look over this issue and resolve it with excellence.